Bow Creek Watershed Project Hosting Conservation Field Day

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June 22, 2022

The Lewis and Clark Natural Resources District and the Bow Creek Watershed Project are hosting a field day to promote conservation, adoption, and protection of surface water and soil within the Bow Creek Watershed. The field day will be held on Friday June 28th from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM at Jeff & Jolene Steffen’s farm near Constance, NE where you can learn how to grow your own soil fertility and cut your need for chemicals.

Presenters for the event are Rick Clark, Loran Steinlage, and Jeff Steffen. Rick Clark is an organic no-till farmer, who is using conservation practices to control weeds and generate profits on his farm. Loran Steinlage is the farm engineer for DAWN Equipment creating tools to help producers in all systems improve soil health and profits. Jeff Steffen is a local producer with a diverse cropping background who implements various practices on his farm. They will educate on their whole farm system approach to managing farms to generate a profit while improving soil and water quality.

In-field demonstrations will include rolling down rye, evaluation of weed suppression of rolled rye, and assessment of crop emergence through rolled rye, early season chemically terminated rye, and late season chemically terminated rye. Local producers will provide their view on how the roller crimper performs in this area, and what they are tweaking to create a better system. Nebraska soil and crop specialist will also be examining soil health indicators in the soil pit.

Time for questions and answers is built into the schedule to help you learn from the presenters about roller crimper and other technology or practices.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about how to apply conservation practices in the Bow Creek Watershed to improve water quality and profits!  RSVP for attendance and lunch by June 24th to Becky Ravenkamp at 402-254-6758, email, or scan the QR Code below. Lewis & Clark NRD producers can use promo code Bowcreek for discounted pricing.

Funding for the Bow Creek Watershed Project is provided by Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy, Nebraska Environmental Trust, and Lewis & Clark NRD.

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