Bow Creek Watershed Project Pays Producers to Implement Practices

Bow Creek Incentive Program
November 2, 2020

In 2020, the Lewis and Clark NRD’s Bow Creek Watershed Project was selected for funding by the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy, and the Nebraska Environmental Trust to assist producers in implementing best management practices that will decrease nonpoint source pollutants entering Bow Creek. Modeling indicates that identified best management practices including, but not limited to, nutrient management, cover crops, no-till farming, buffer strips, CRP, grazing management, livestock exclusion plans and septic system upgrades will significantly decrease sediment, nitrates, phosphorus and E. coli in Bow Creek.
The Bow Creek Watershed Project will provide sign-up incentive payments and implementation and education payments in addition to NRCS and partner program payments to producers in the Bow Creek Priority area who are implementing one or more of these practices as part of an NRCS contract. Producers who are interested in implementing any of these practices are encouraged to complete an NRCS application before the cutoff deadline of November 20th. NRCS and/or LCNRD staff will work with producers who have signed an application to plan practices that best match their operation and
farmland For more information please contact your local NRCS office or call Becky Ravenkamp, Bow Creek Watershed Coordinator, at the Lewis and Clark NRD office, 402-254-6758 or visit

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