Chemigation Reminder

To obtain a Chemigation Permit contact the Lewis and Clark NRD at 402-254-6758 or visit the office at 608 N. Robinson, Hartington. Chemigation Reminder
June 1, 2020

Chemigation Reminder


Chemigation is an efficient method for applying fertilizer and pesticide to growing crops.  If you plan to use irrigation for the application of fertilizer and/or pesticide the Nebraska Chemigation Act requires you have a Chemigation Permit.  Irrigation systems that had permits in 2019 are eligible to renew the permit at a cost of $20.00 each through June 1, 2020.  Permits obtained after June 1 will be considered new permits and the fee is $50.00 each.  Chemigation equipment for all new permits must be inspected, prior to chemigating, to ensure required safety equipment is present and functional.  The Lewis and Clark NRD conducts routine inspections of chemigation equipment for renewal permits every 3 years.  


Chemigation is an efficient method to apply nitrogen fertilizer and/or pesticide while protecting groundwater from potential contamination.  Traditional application methods apply all of the nitrogen fertilizer the crop is estimated to need with one or two applications early in the growing season.  If the nitrogen is not taken up by the crop it can leach with rain or irrigation water to groundwater.  Chemigation provides the opportunity to apply nitrogen to the crop as it is needed during the growing season, decreasing the potential of groundwater contamination by nitrogen fertilizer and other chemicals. 


To obtain a Chemigation Permit contact the Lewis and Clark NRD at 402-254-6758 or visit the office at 608 N. Robinson, Hartington.


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