Chemigation Training 2021

February 1, 2021

Chemigation 2021 Training and Testing


Chemigation Applicator Certification Training for 2021 will only be offered via online certification; there will be no in-person classes held.  The training will be available on the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE) web site starting January 1, 2021.  This certification once approved needs to be renewed every 3 years so check your applicators certificate from NDEE for your expiration date.


If you plan to apply agrichemicals to cropland using an irrigation system to distribute both the water and chemical, a Chemigation Applicator Certification License is necessary as well as a permit to Chemigate.  This is a requirement of the Nebraska Chemigation Act, whose purpose is to protect the groundwater and surface waters of Nebraska from contamination by fertilizers or pesticides. The Chemigation permit is available at your local Natural Resources District Office.   The Chemigation permit and the Chemigation Certified Applicator permit must be current before any chemicals are used in the irrigation system.


The Chemigation Applicator Training program covers the same information presented at the in-person training event and uses the same test.   The online program consists of a series of modules which contain text, video clips and calculators to provide chemigators with the necessary information to employ chemigation in an effective, efficient, and environmentally safe manner while safeguarding farm workers involved in chemigation. 


If you have questions on the online training program, please contact their local County Extension Office or contact Pesticide Safety Education Program at 402-472-1632 or by email  For more information on the online testing go to the UNL water page  If someone prefers to do in-person training rather than online training they would need to contact their local County Extension office to see if there is a pre-registration and if they can accommodate them for in person training.

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