Nebraska Tree Canopy in Decline

Tree Canopy
April 15, 2021


Trees help soften the harsh climate of the Great Plains, but recent events are leaving Nebraska communities at risk of being devoid of trees and their innumerable benefits.


According to Jorden Smith, the Nebraska Forest Service, “Nebraska communities lost an average of 18 percent of their tree canopy in the last two decades due to extreme weather events, disease and invasive insects.” “Nebraska has a proud history of planting trees, but we’ve fallen behind in maintaining our once-coveted designation,” Smith said. “Trees are an investment in the future, and Nebraskans should revitalize their tree-planting spirit.”


Each year, Nebraska’s Natural Resources Districts (NRDs) help communities and landowners plant more than 700,000 trees throughout the state. Seedlings cost approximately $1 each and provide  conservation benefits to both people and animals. They shade and shelter homes, reduce soil erosion, protect crops and livestock, provide food and cover for wildlife, buffer noise, provide valuable products and add beauty to the landscape.


To order tree seedlings or to learn more about planting trees contact Lewis and Clark Natural Resources District at 402-254-6758

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