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Irrigation Pivot
September 24, 2021

If you are planning to expand irrigation to acres that have not been previously irrigated, it is important to check with the LCNRD staff before doing so.  LCNRD requires well permits for all high capacity wells and permits for expanding irrigation to acres that have not been previously irrigated.  If the acres proposed for irrigation are steep and include highly erodible soil types, a conservation plan may be required on those acres.


A large antenna in a field</p>
<p>Description automatically generated with low confidenceLCNRD implemented these requirements in order to establish and maintain a reliable database of irrigated acres in the District and to ensure beneficial use of groundwater.  If you have any questions, need an application for a  well permit, or irrigated acre expansion permit contact LCNRD.


Requirements include:

  • A permit approved by LCNRD board for all new high capacity well development including irrigation and stock wells. 
  • A permit approved by LCNRD board for increases of more than 8 acres to existing irrigation systems.
  • A permit approved by LCNRD board for adding irrigated acres when expansion is with a new system.
  • If you are expanding irrigation with comingled wells, keep in mind that three or more comingled wells can only be approved for irrigation on up to 160 acres.
  • No transfer of groundwater of more than 1 mile from the well.

LCNRD’s Rules and Regulations allow producers to continue to develop and expand their operation while staying in compliance with the law.  To date, just over 16,466 new irrigated acres and 317 new well permits have been approved by the LCNRD board since initial adoption of the Groundwater Quantity Rules and Regulations in 2014.

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