The Lewis & Clark Natural Resources District will hold its regular monthly Board of Directors meeting on Thursday the 15th day of June 2023, at 7:00 p.m. at the Lewis & Clark NRD Office, Hartington, Nebraska. The current agenda is on file at the District Office. This meeting is open to the public. 



If you plan to use irrigation for the application of fertilizer and/or pesticide, the Nebraska Chemigation Act requires you to have a Chemigation Permit. Irrigation systems that had permits in 2021 are eligible to renew the permit at a cost of $20.00 each through June 1, 2023. Chemigation Permits are available at the LCNRD office or online at Chemigation Permit payments can be made online through the payment portal or at the office at 608 N. Robinson Ave, Hartington, NE. 


Protecting Lives, Protecting Property, Protecting Our Future.

The Lewis & Clark Natural Resources District was created in 1972 by the Nebraska Legislature which combined 154 special purpose entities into 23 NRDs.

The 23 Natural Resources Districts are funded by local property taxes to establish and manage resource projects in their area. Natural Resources Districts help respond to natural resources challenges with local control for local solutions. NRD’s work in partnership with other agencies and organizations such as the Natural Resources Conservation Service, NE Game & Parks and local municipalities.

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