Lewis & Clark Natural Resources District Board of Directors

The LCNRD activities are guided by 11 elected directors from 5 subdistricts with 2 directors serving from each subdistrict and 1 at-large seat. The directors are elected by the voters who live in each subdistrict and serve 4 year terms, with 5 or 6 seats up for election every 2 years.


Directors Residence 2019


Lewis & Clark Natural Resources Board of Directors


Russ Schmidt

Subdistrict 1

LCNRD Board Secretary-Treasurer

Jeff Steffen

Subdistrict 1

Serves on the Natural Resources Commission

Chris Johnson

Subdistrict 2

Dave Condon

Subdistrict 2

Marcel Kramer

Subdistrict 3

Serves on the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts Board

Bill Christensen

Subdistrict 3

Carolyn Heine

Subdistrict 4

LCNRD Board Chair

Matt Weinandt

Subdistrict 4

LCNRD Board Vice Chair

Serves on the CKRWP Advisory Committee​

Leroy Hoesing

Subdistrict 5

Curtis Armstrong

Subdistrict 5

Gary Howey


Serves on the Northeast Nebraska Resource Conservation & Development Board

Serves on the Wau-Col Regional Water System Board

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