Bow Creek

In 2019, the Lewis & Clark NRD updated their Water Quality Assessment Plan and added Bow Creek as a priority area based on Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy Basin Rotation water quality testing. The 2016 Basin Rotation water quality testing showed elevated levels of sediment, phosphorus, nitrates and E. coli in Bow Creek. Working with FYRA Engineering, models were created to show the potential to decrease nonpoint source pollutants in Bow Creek by increasing the adoption of best management practices (BMPs) in  priority Bow Creek sub-watersheds. 



Cover Crops and Corn

Those best management practices include, but are not limited to: 

  • Nutrient Management
  • Cover Crop
  • No-till Management
  • Land Use Change: CRP or Riparian Buffer Strips
  • Grazing Management Plans
  • Livestock Exclusion Plans with Alternative Water Sources and Fencing
  • Septic System Upgrades

These BMPs are eligible for additional implementation and education payments through the Bow Creek Watershed Project. Practices must be part of approved conservation contracts to be eligible. Details for implementation of BMPs will be planned with NRCS technical assistance and Bow Creek programs will then be applied for through the LCNRD office. For more information contact:

Bow Creek Watershed Coordinator

Becky Ravenkamp

Lewis & Clark  NRD Office

608 N Robinson Ave., Hartington, NE 68739

Phone: 402-254-6758.

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