Master Plan

Each of Nebraska's 23 NRDs is required to maintain a Master Plan, an account of goals, desired outcomes, and objectives for the next ten years following the adoption. The LCNRD Board of Directors adopted our current Master Plan in December of 2019.

LCNRD Master Plan

Long Range Implementation Plan

LCNRD's Long Range Implementation Plan is a five-year spending plan that is revised annually by the Board of Directors.

Long Range Implementation Plan

Groundwater Management Plan

The NRD's Groundwater Management Plan is a lengthy publication containing detailed information about the district, its geology, needs related to groundwater, and programs and plans the NRD has in reaction to those needs. The State of Nebraska approved it in 1986. The Plan has been updated four times since created.  

LCNRD activities related to the Groundwater Management Plan are reviewed annually.

Original 1986 LCNRD Groundwater Management Plan

Updated 1995 LCNRD Groundwater Management Plan

2004 Groundwater Rules and Regulations

2014 Groundwater Management Plan Revisions

2015 Groundwater Management Plan Revisions

Integrated Management Plan

Bi-annually the Lewis and Clark Natural Resources District (LCNRD) and the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources (NeDNR) review and update data collected and tasks completed as part of the jointly developed Voluntary Integrated Management Plan (IMP), which was adopted in 2016. The IMP provides a coordinated monitoring and management outline for groundwater managed by LCNRD and surface water as managed by NeDNR. The two resources are hydrologically connected in some discrete district areas, and the IMP provides mechanisms to monitor and manage both resources effectively.

Three goals are identified in the IMP, supported by objectives and tasks to be carried out by NeDNR and/or LCNRD. These actions help LCNRD and NeDNR make progress toward achieving the goals and objectives of the IMP.

  • Develop and maintain a district-wide water inventory.
  • Protect existing water uses while allowing for future water development.
  • Increase public awareness and understanding of integrated water management.

​In addition to the three goals of the IMP, the Stakeholder Committee identified two long-term goals.

  • Increase understanding of tile drainage systems in the district and their impact on water supply.
  • Develop programs and/or guidelines to encourage water conservation for municipal agriculture and industrial applications.

The Integrated Management Plan requires a bi-annual report of activity related to IMP goals and objectives over the last two years. It also requires a bi-annual review by LCNRD and NeDNR of the entire plan to be held as a public meeting, where public comment on the plan is encouraged. The latest meeting presentation and the LCNRD Integrated Management Plan report are provided below.

Integrated Management Plan

Integrated Management Plan Review Report

Integrated Management Plan Presentation



Water Quality Management Plan

The district-wide Water Quality Management Plan was prepared to guide LCNRD in developing and implementing future projects to improve water quality, hydrology, and aquatic resources within the District. The plan may also serve as a basis for seeking financial support for those projects. 

LCNRD Water Quality Management Plan

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