Water Services

Hooking up to the system

Application for water service:

  • Apply to have an engineering study completed to determine if water service is possible. The cost for the engineering study is $25 and is non-refundable.
    • After the engineering study is complete, the Cedar Knox Rural Water Advisory Committee considers the potential hookup for approval at their committee meeting held the second Thursday of the month. The CKRWP office prepares a cost estimate if extension of lines is needed.
  • After approval by the advisory committee, an application for water service is completed by the applicant, an easement is provided by the applicant (for ingress and egress to the property as well as line maintenance), and payment is made for the hookup service.
  • The applicant then coordinates with the CKRWP office on placement of the meter after which connection to the system can be made.
    • The meter is placed just inside of the property line and the applicant makes arrangements to extend the line to the service location.


Hookup Costs:

  • Hookup Fee is $8500.00
  • Additional Multiple Benefit Units (for larger volume water users as determined by anticipated use) are one-half the hook up price for each additional unit.
  • Hookup cost includes a meter pit and pit installation along existing water line at $8500.00
    • If the current rural water line is not adjacent to the property requesting water service there will be additional costs to extend the water line to that location. The water line then becomes property of CKRWP.
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