Water Services

Connecting to the System

Steps to becoming a potential rural water customer:

1.     Complete a  Rural Water Engineering Application to determine if water service is available.

  • There is a $200 non-refundable engineering fee required with the application.

2.     The Cedar Knox Rural Water Project (CKRWP) approved Engineer reviews the application and makes a recommendation for service to the CKRWP Advisory Committee.

3.     The Committee considers the potential water service connection for approval at their regular monthly meeting, held the second Thursday of each month.

  • Approved applications are valid for 6 months.
  • After 6 months the engineering application expires and the engineering application and engineering fee must be resubmitted, and the Committee must approve the application to maintain an active application for water service. 

4.     Following Committee approval, the applicant and all property owners complete a Water User Agreement, provide an easement (for ingress and egress to the property and for line maintenance), and pay the initial connection fee. 

  • If the existing rural water line is not adjacent to the property where water service is requested there will be additional expense to run the line to the property.
  • Estimates to extend lines will be provided by the CKRWP contractor.
  • Payment of estimated costs for line extensions are due prior to installation.   

5.     The applicant and CKRWP coordinate line and pit installation.

  • Upon installation the water line becomes the property of CKRWP.

6.     The applicant is responsible for making service connections from the pit to their point of use.

Connection Costs:

  • The Connection Fee is $9000.00 for a typical 1 Benefit Unit (1 BU) water service connection.
    • 1 BU equals 27,000 gallons of water use per month.
  •  Additional BUs (for larger volume water users as determined by anticipated use) are one-half the Connection Fee price for each additional BU.
  • The Connection Fee includes a meter pit and pit installation along an existing water line at $9000.00.
    • The meter is placed just inside of the property line and the applicant makes arrangements to extend the line to the service location.


Cross-Connection Control

Cross connections shall not be permitted.  There shall not be any physical connection between any private water system and the water system of CKRWP, unless such connection is protected by a back-flow prevention device approved for the risk by the State Health Department.  The correct installation, maintenance, and annual written certification of testing is required of any backflow prevention device by a state-licensed backflow prevention device tester.  State regulations require that all public water systems survey their customers to identify and eliminate cross connections, not less than once every five years.  Failure to complete and return the  Cross Connection Survey violates State Health Department Regulations Title 179 and CKRWP Rules and Regulations Condition #22 and can result in disconnection of water service. 

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