CKRWP Source Solution and System Upgrades Project

Overview of Source Solution & System Upgrades Project

The Cedar Knox Rural Water Project (CKRWP) is a Public Water System (PWS) that serves more than 900 rural connections, including several sanitary improvement districts (SIDs), recreational areas and businesses along Lewis and Clark Lake and the Missouri River, along with the communities of Crofton, Fordyce, St Helena, and Obert. 

Project Background and Planning

Cedar Knox Rural Water Project has conducted preliminary engineering over the last seven years to evaluate options and determine the best path forward to secure the most cost effective, resource effective long-term, resilient water supply to serve the needs of CKRWP customers.  The Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) has been prepared in response to a Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE) issued Administrative Order (AO), encroaching sediment and flood impacts on the surface water intake, limited production capacity of the CKRWP treatment plant, and limited capacity of distribution components.  

The proposed project consists of three phases, conversion from a surface water source to a groundwater source requiring development of groundwater well fields; construction of a water treatment plant to address hardness and potentially nitrates and/or manganese; and upgrades to existing and construction of new distribution system components to bring the ground water source on-line and to address water line and storage capacity through the system.  The CKRWP Advisory Committee unanimously approved implementing the proposed project, to address the AO and other concerns at the December 2021 CKRWP board meeting, after reviewing the  Water System Analysis and Development Plan  and the Memorandum for Water Supply & Water Treatment Plant Site Selection prepared by Bartlett & West. 

Progress and Updates

On August 9, 2022, CKRWP released a  Press Release on the proposed Source Water Change and Systems Upgrades Project.  An update on the proposed Source Solution and System Upgrades Project was released with a second  Press Release on January 30, 2023.  On April 24, 2023 a  Press Release was issued about an informational open house meeting being held in May 2023.  Preliminary work continues with the Source Solution and Systems Upgrades Project for Cedar Knox Rural Water Project, an updated  Press Release was issued on May 15, 2023. 


Map of Line Upgrades in the Distribution System

Potential Figures for Water Service Rates


If you are interested in additional information about the Source Solution and System Upgrades Project, contact the Program Assistant with Cedar Knox Rural Water Project. 



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