The first Nebraskan settlers realized the value of trees. They planted millions of trees on barren homesteads to help fulfill their basic needs for protection, building material, fuel, and food. Planting trees became a Nebraska tradition and Nebraska proudly became known as “The Tree Planter State”.  Today, all Nebraskans benefit from the trees planted by our forefathers.


Trees continue to be an important part of Nebraska’s landscape. It is estimated there is a need to annually plant about 6 million trees in Nebraska.  A shelter belt planting can provide multiple benefits including:


  • Environment: Helpful in carbon removal, returns oxygen to the atmosphere.
  • Crop Protection: Protects crops against drought by providing protection from wind and heavy rain.   
  • Livestock Protection: Reduces stress on livestock during heat and winter storms.
  • Wildlife Habitat: Provides over-winter refuges, nesting sites and pollen and nectar feeding sources and protects other habitat. 
  • Soil Conservation: Creates natural barriers that protect soil and crops
  • Water Quality: A cover of trees and shrubs minimizes soil erosion, stabilizes stream banks in riparian areas, and removes soil contaminants.
  • Food: Many trees and shrubs are a valuable source of fruit and nuts for humans and animals.
  • Water Management: Can reduce surface water runoff and pollution to the streams.


If you are interested in planting trees you can order seedlings in bundles of 25 from LCNRD. Order forms are available by contacting LCNRD at 402-254-6758 or at For information on developing a conservation tree plan contact your local NRCS office.   


National Groundwater Awareness

April 15, 2021


The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) and The Groundwater Foundation (GF) sponsors National Groundwater Awareness across the United States during the month or March. National Groundwater Awareness highlights the responsible development, management and use of groundwater, and is also a platform to encourage yearly... Read More

Irrigation System

Permit Requirements For Irrigators

April 15, 2021


Lewis and Clark Natural Resources District (LCNRD) requires all high-capacity wells that pump more than 50 gpm (including stock and irrigation) to have an approved permit prior to drilling the well. LCNRD also requires a permit to expand irrigation to acres that have not been previously irrigated by ground water. LCNRD... Read More

Tree Canopy

Nebraska Tree Canopy in Decline

April 15, 2021


Trees help soften the harsh climate of the Great Plains, but recent events are leaving Nebraska communities at risk of being devoid of trees and their innumerable benefits.


According to Jorden Smith, the Nebraska Forest Service, “Nebraska communities lost an average of 18 percent of their tree canopy in... Read More

tree belt clip art

Time to Plan for Tree Planting in 2021

February 2, 2021

The 2021 tree planting season is just around the corner and the time is now to plan your windbreak or conservation tree planting.  The Lewis and Clark Natural Resources District (LCNRD) will be taking orders for conservation trees from now until April 1, 2021 for spring planting.

Conservation trees play vital roles in our... Read More

Cap and Scholarship

Scholarship Available to Seniors

February 2, 2021



The Lewis and Clark Natural Resources District (LCNRD) provides two $1,000 scholarships to outstanding high school seniors who reside within the LCNRD boundary.  Patefield – Green Memorial Scholarships are available to students who intend to pursue an agricultural... Read More

College Fund Jar

CKRWP Offers Scholarship to Seniors

February 2, 2021


The Cedar Knox Rural Water Project (CKRWP) Advisory Committee provides a $500 scholarship to a high school senior in memoriam of Galen Jueden. Galen was a dedicated employee who was fully committed to the customers and staff of CKRWP. He was an invaluable asset and his dedication is recognized by providing a scholarship to a worthy... Read More


Chemigation Training 2021

February 1, 2021

Chemigation 2021 Training and Testing


Chemigation Applicator Certification Training for 2021 will only be offered via online certification; there will be no in-person classes held.  The training will be available on the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE) web site starting January 1, 2021.  This... Read More

Bow Creek In Cedar County

2020 Year in Review

January 4, 2021

In 2020, the Lewis and Clark Natural Resources District (LCNRD) board of directors continued to implement projects and services to protect and enhance natural resources which protects the lives, property, and future of Northeast Nebraskans.   LCNRD activities are led by a board of eleven locally elected directors; Carolyn Heine and Russ Schmidt... Read More

NACD Poster Logo

Local Students Receive Poster Contest Recognition

January 4, 2021

Two local students from the Lewis and Clark Natural Resources District (LCNRD) received recognition for posters submitted for the National Association Conservation Districts (NACD) poster contest. The theme for 2020 was “Where would BEE Without Pollinators?”. LCNRD winners were Colton Heimes and Kiersten Hans of Wynot Schools. These posters... Read More

Winterberry in Snow

Shrub Plantings for Wet Areas

December 15, 2020


 As fall turns to winter and the first of many snowstorms of the season comes and melts, many homeowners are quick to discover, before the next snowstorm, there is always a spot or two in their lawn that just naturally stays a little more wet than the other areas of the lawn. The reasons behind this occurrence can be as... Read More

Irrigation Well Used for Static Well

Fall 2020 Well Measurements

December 15, 2020

The static water level of 34 irrigation wells, from selected locations throughout the Lewis and Clark Natural Resources District (LCNRD), is measured semi-annually. Fall 2020 readings, following a pumping season that was heavier than recent years, show average water levels lower than the fall of 2019.  Of the 34 wells measured 31 showed a lower... Read More

Bow Creek Incentive Program

Bow Creek Watershed Project Pays Producers to Implement Practices

November 2, 2020

In 2020, the Lewis and Clark NRD’s Bow Creek Watershed Project was selected for funding by the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy, and the Nebraska Environmental Trust to assist producers in implementing best management practices that will decrease nonpoint source pollutants entering Bow Creek. Modeling indicates that identified best... Read More

Weed Barrier

Weed Barrier May Be Choking Your Trees

November 2, 2020

Many landowners who plant windbreaks also install weed barrier fabric. The black bio-degradable barrier eliminates the need for mechanical or chemical weed control between and around the trees. Supplemental water and natural rainfall are also held in the soil longer when the weed barrier is installed.

Although there are benefits to... Read More


Reminder to All Irrigators

November 2, 2020

If you are planning to expand irrigation to acres that have not been previously irrigated, it is important to check with the LCNRD staff before doing so. As of August 1, 2014 LCNRD requires well permits for high capacity wells and permits for expanding irrigation to acres that have not been previously irrigated. If the acres proposed for... Read More

Cover Crops

Cover Crop Program Available

July 27, 2020



The Lewis and Clark Natural Resources District (LCNRD), is offering a cost-share program for producers in Knox, Cedar, and Dixon Counties. The Cover Crop Program offers an incentive payment of up to $1,000 per year, for up to 3 years, to encourage the use of... Read More

How's your well

The Importance of Private Well Water Testing

July 27, 2020


Testing your private well's water quality on a regular basis is an important part of maintaining a safe and reliable source. The test results allow you to properly address the specific problems of a water supply. This will help ensure that the water source is being properly... Read More

seal abandoned well

Seal Abandoned or Unused Wells

July 27, 2020



The Lewis and Clark Natural Resources District (LCNRD) provides cost share to seal unused, or abandoned irrigation or domestic wells.   If you have a well which is no longer serviceable and need to have it permanently taken out of service, LCNRD can help you protect... Read More

Small Grains

Small Grains Incentive Program

June 30, 2020

Small Grain Incentive Program


In an effort to promote small grains as a way to address a variety of natural resource concerns, the Lewis & Clark Natural Resources District (LCNRD), the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC), the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and Pheasants... Read More

well water

NRDs Encourage Well Owners to Address Concerns Early

June 30, 2020

NRDs Encourage Well Owners to Address Concerns Early


Rainfall has been abundant over the last several years and groundwater supplies have increased across the Lewis & Clark Natural Resources District (LCNRD). Hopefully, sufficient rainfall will continue through 2021, however, if irrigation needs increase, the... Read More

2020 Spring Well Results

Spring 2020 Well Measuring Results

June 30, 2020

Spring 2020 Well Measuring Results


The static water levels of 33 irrigation wells located throughout the Lewis and Clark Natural Resources District (LCNRD) are measured in the spring and fall each year. Groundwater levels measured this spring indicate that the levels have decreased on an overall comparison by .10... Read More


Chemigation Reminder

June 1, 2020

Chemigation Reminder


Chemigation is an efficient method for applying fertilizer and pesticide to growing crops.  If you plan to use irrigation for the application of fertilizer and/or pesticide the Nebraska Chemigation Act requires you have a Chemigation Permit.  Irrigation systems that had permits... Read More


District Officials Concerned About Sodbuster Impacts

June 1, 2020



Over the last several years there has been considerable conversion of pasture and Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) land to row crop throughout areas in northeastern Nebraska according to officials of LCNRD. Grassland acres with steep slopes which are broken... Read More

Chase Buettner - Resource Technician

New Staff Welcomed at Lewis & Clark NRD

June 1, 2020


The Lewis and Clark NRD and board of directors welcomes Chase Buettner to the NRD staff.  Chase was hired as a Resource Technician and began his duties at the NRD on February 24th.  His job duties as Resource Technician include working with producers on water quality programs in... Read More


Permits Required For Chemical Application Through Irrigation Systems

May 5, 2020


Permits Required for Chemical Application through Irrigation Systems


Chemigation is the application of any chemical (fertilizer, pesticide, herbicides, or fungicide) through an irrigation system. If a producer intends to inject nitrogen fertilizer,... Read More

What's In Your Water

LCNRD Reminds You To Test Your Wells

May 5, 2020


LCNRD Reminds you to Test your Wells


The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) and the Lewis & Clark Natural Resources District  (LCNRD) recommend well owners test their well water used for drinking water at least annually for bacteria, nitrates, and any... Read More

Cover Crop

Cover Crop Program Available

May 5, 2020



The Lewis and Clark Natural Resources District (LCNRD) offers a cost-share program for residents in the three-county area of Knox, Cedar, and Dixon. The Cover Crop Program offers an incentive payment of up to 50% of the establishment cost to help protect soil resources over the winter... Read More

LCNRD Is Offering Water Testing At No Cost

LCNRD Is Offering Water Testing At No Charge

April 1, 2019
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