March 25, 2024

Lewis and Clark Natural Resources District (LCNRD) is asking the public for nominations for the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts (NARD) awards program. Annually, NARD presents awards in six categories. These awards acknowledge individuals or organizations who have contributed to or brought awareness of the resources in the state of Nebraska. 

  • Tree Planter of the Year Award is a recognition for outstanding tree planting efforts in the state of Nebraska.  These trees planting(s) must be for conservation purposes (rural or urban), be 3 years old, and exhibit proper care and management.
  • Outstanding Grassland Conservation Award recognizes outstanding grassland management utilizing native rangeland and/or introduced pastureland resources. Selection is based on the producer demonstrating proper rangeland/grassland management in accordance with its capabilities and economics.
  • Outstanding Community Conservation Award recognizes outstanding community conservation efforts. Conservation activities must be for conservation purposes such as invasive species management, erosion control, shelterbelts, or landscaping projects. 
  • Outstanding Soil Conservation Award honors individuals who properly manage soils in accordance with capabilities and economics of the lands.  It rewards the individual for promoting healthy soil management.
  • The Educator of the Year Award recognizes outstanding natural resources education efforts. Nominees must be full-time teachers in a classroom and be personally responsible for developing a natural resources education program.
  • The NRD Director of the Year Award recognizes a past or present director for promoting conservation, natural resources, and other environmental issues and recognizes them for their insight stewardship of the land. 

If you know someone worthy of nomination in one of the categories listed contact the LCNRD office at 402-254-6758 by April 11, 2024. Nominations can be made for individuals, families, couples, organizations, agencies, livestock operations, or communities.

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