Poster Contest -- This year's theme is "One Water"

The Lewis and Clark Natural Resources District (LCNRD) along with the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts (NARD)  provides kindergarten through twelfth grade students with an opportunity to share their thoughts about soil, water and related natural resources issues.  It also highlights the education outreach efforts of conservation districts and their state conservation associations, auxiliaries or agencies.


A Poster Contest is held each year and the theme for the poster is the National Association Conservation Districts (NACD) Stewardship Week’s theme for the year. All entries must be submitted to the LCNRD and winners on the local level will be forwarded to the NARD on the state level.  State winners will be sent on to the National Association of Conservation Districts National Poster Contest


Contest Rules:

  • Any media may be used to create a flat or two-dimensional effect (paint, crayon, colored pencil, charcoal, stickers, paper or other material)  
  • Posters should be between 8.5" x 11" and 11" X 17" in size,
  • All posters must be created by an individual student and must be an original creation (may not be traced from photographs or other artists published works).
  • A completed entry form must be attached to the back of the poster.
  • Posters should be packaged so they remain flat when sent for judging. 
  • Entries should be received at the LCNRD by October 4, 2021. 


For more information on the Poster Contest go to: or contact the LCNRD.

2022 Poster Contest Winners pictured below: 


Wynot 1st Place          Wynot First Place   


Land Judging

Land Judging is a high school competition that challenges students to gain a better understanding of soil structure and land evaluation. Land judging enables each participant to learn how to recognize the physical features of the soil, determine land capability for crop production, and evaluate management practices needed for proper stewardship. Soil, land and home-site evaluation provide a setting for students to investigate the soils in their region, the environment that surrounds them and their effect on their daily lives.


NRDs work with area schools to host Land Judging contests all over the state each fall. Regional winners go on to compete at the state contest.

Range Judging

Range Judging is a high school competition that challenges students to gain a better understanding of Nebraska rangelands which makes up half of the State's land area. Range judging enables each participant to learn how to recognize range plants, range sites and the need for proper grazing practices.


NRDs work with the Society for Range Management, NRCS and UNL Extension to host Range Judging contests all over the state each September.

Envirothon logo

Nebraska Envirothon

The Envirothon is a program for 9th-12th grade students to learn more about our natural environment. Students compete in contests that test their knowledge on a wide array of subjects relating to natural resources and the environment. NRDs host regional Envirothon contests around the state each spring. The top team from each regional contest competes at state Envirothon. The winner of state Envirothon is qualified for national Envirothon.

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