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November 28, 2023

Even though winter is on its way, it is a great time to plan for spring 2024 conservation tree plantings. The Lewis and Clark Natural Resources District (LCNRD) is taking orders for spring-delivered conservation trees. Trees come in bundles of twenty-five, and the price is $32.50 per bundle plus sales tax. LCNRD continues to carry conservation fabric weed mats, rolls of weed barrier, and staples. Weed mats are sold individually with 5 staples per mat for $3.50 each. Rolls of weed barrier are 500’ x 6’ and are sold for $225.00 each. There are two different lengths of staples offered: 8” staples are $0.20 each, and 10” staples are $0.25 each. LCNRD is offering a new weed control product called Coco Weed Mats; they come in bundles of 25 mats, including 3 staples per mat, and cost $45.00.

Conservation trees play vital roles in our environment – providing protection from wind, habitat for wildlife, and beauty for our farms and homes –to name a few.  If you have an area you would like to enhance by planting trees, contact the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) or the LCNRD about purchasing and planting trees.  There are technical services and cost-share programs available to help with the cost of establishing tree plantings; call to see what could work for you.  


Tree species available for 2024

Evergreens: Eastern Red Cedar, Colorado Blue Spruce, Colorado Blue Spruce (plugs), Jack Pine, Ponderosa Pine, Ponderosa Pine (plugs), Norway Spruce, Southwestern White Pine,  Black Hills Spruce, and Black Hills Spruce (plugs)

Broadleaf Trees: Amur Maple, Black Walnut, Catalpa, Cottonwood, Midwest Crabapple, Hackberry, Honeylocust, Bur Oak, Red Oak, Silver Maple, Swamp White Oak.

Shrubs & Plants: American Plum, Buffaloberry, Chokeberry, Chokecherry, Cotoneaster, Golden Currant, Redosier Dogwood, Elderberry, Hazelnut, Common Lilac, Vilosa Lilac, Serviceberry, Skunkbush Sumac.


Other species and varieties may be available upon request. Call LCNRD with questions and availability at 402-254-6758.

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