Cost Share

One of the main goals of the BGMA Project is to improve drinking water quality through partnerships and best management practices. To help encourage producers to try new management practices many of the agencies involved in the project offer cost share to producers.


The NRCS offers cost share to the BGMA through local programs. Please contact the BGMA Coordinator or your local NRCS office for more information



In the BGMA, the area outlined in green on the map below is eligible for funding through NWQI funds. Everyone in the BGMA is eligible for funding through EQIP. For more information on NWQI & EQIP funding contact the BGMA Coordinator or your local NRCS office. 


Enlarged BGMA NWQI Area Map


Each NRD office also offers cost share opportunities. Programs differ by NRD. Please contact the BGMA Coordinator or your local NRD office for more information.

  • BGMA BMP Brochure (linked PDF)

2018 BGMA Survey

In the spring of 2018 the Bazile Groundwater Management Area (BGMA) Project conducted a short survey to better understand the perspectives and current practices of those living and/or working within the BGMA.

A summary of the results from the survey can be found below. A full draft report of the survey results is also available. The information gathered helps the BGMA Project Group better understand landowner and operator management in the BGMA.

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